Because it’s nice to come home to a clean house.

Perhaps you've been out of town and when you left, the kitchen was a mess, the living room hadn't been vacuumed. But as you walk into your house, you remember with relief that Surfaceworks had been there. The house smells clean and fresh, the floors gleam, and the stainless steel sparkles. It's these small things that Surfaceworks takes pride in.

What’s New

  • Gift Certificates Available

Gift Certificates Available

  • September 21st, 2013

Surfaceworks gift certificates are available in a variety of denominations and are ideal for recognizing someone special. Order yours today!

  • WBUR Underwriter Since 1997

WBUR Underwriter Since 1997

  • July 31st, 2012

Most WBUR listeners know of Surfaceworks as the leading provider of customized residential cleaning services in the greater Boston area. Surfaceworks is committed to helping busy people have more […]

  • Referral Program

Referral Program

  • July 31st, 2012

Refer a friend! If they contract with Surfaceworks, you’ll receive a $25.00 gift card or credit on your account.

What Clients Say

Surfaceworks has been a great resource for me, both personally and for my clients. Whether it’s post-construction, pre-open house, or general household cleaning, they are professional and thorough. Diane and her staff are always customer focused and a pleasure to work with.

Jodie Siegel, Clear Your Space
When we do major renovations to a client’s home, we’re very particular about details, including the cleanup crew we bring in after our job is complete. We’ve worked together for more than 20 years and trust Surfaceworks completely!
S&H Construction, Cambridge, MA
I’ve tried a number of cleaning services and was relieved when I found Surfaceworks. They are flexible, accommodating and the cleaners do a great job!
Terry O'Brien
The basement looks great! I can’t believe how much better it is. I had thought this would stymie Surfaceworks, but I was wrong.
Barbara Beck

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