How to Reclaim a Clean House After the Kids Go Back to School

How to Reclaim a Clean House After the Kids Go Back to School

You’ve done it all: been a chauffeur, a chef, a tour guide, an entertainment guru, a camp counselor for the neighborhood children… it has been a busy summer and, yes, perhaps the house saw a little wear and tear since school let out in June. But now they’re back to school and you’ve returned to a regular routine.

So, what about the house? Ready to reclaim the space? We’ve got a few ideas to help!

Take a Good, Hard Look

The key to reclaiming your house is to take careful stock of what needs to be done and then prioritize tasks in a way that minimizes overwhelm. Take a deep breath, grab some coffee and a notepad, and take a good look at your house.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What rooms need the most attention? Repeat offenders might include high traffic areas like the playroom, mudroom, entryway hallways and closets.
  • Consider low hanging fruit and quick wins: Which rooms do you use the most? Are there some small organizational projects that could make a big impact on these spaces?
  • How are your floors looking? Is it time for a professional, deep clean to jump start your new routines?

Create a list based on priority:

  • What will drive you crazy if it isn’t taken care of right away?
  • What can you live with? Make a list of things you’d like to see done before the end of the month.
  • What can you delegate to your partner or even turn into a regular expectation for your children? Get these new routines in place ASAP!

Give Yourself Some Easy Wins

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and reclaiming your home likely won’t happen on the first day of school. As everyone eases into the new school year, give yourself the opportunity to check the easy wins off your list first so that you can gift yourself the time to get the large tasks done in the next few weeks.

The following are some examples of a few easy wins

  • Sweeping/Mopping/Vacuuming floors (Too much? Split it up by levels. First floor one day, second floor the next…)
  • Deodorizing/cleaning bathrooms
  • Re-organizing kitchen counters
  • Cleaning out the fridge or the pantry
  • Transitioning closets/dressers from summer to fall clothes

One Task at a Time

There is a lot of catharsis in putting the house back together after the summer. If you are really excited about getting your home back in shape, go for it! However, there’s a good chance that you’re balancing plenty while the kids are away during the day: a job, volunteering, social obligations, hitting the gym … lots of things that are vying for your time and attention! However, you can fit the house into your life with a little bit of planning.

  • Set aside the time: write it into your calendar and really commit to the task.
  • Enlist a little help: Can a friend help with some organizing? Or perhaps a trusted cleaning service?
  • One thing today, something else tomorrow: don’t let cleaning take over your whole day. Take on one task and then do something else.

Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself!

It’s not easy running a household while remaining present for your family. Keep in mind that back-to-school time is a transition for everybody, so be kind to yourself … and sure to reward yourself for the victories that you achieve along the way! You deserve it!

Can we help you with any of your cleaning tasks? Give us a call!